Which I AM / IJM / NAM Nationals pageant photos will be delivered via Waldo?

Waldo will be delivering photos from the I AM / IJM / NAM Nationals stage events* only.

Photos will be delivered from each event, once the photographer has uploaded them to the Waldo platform. 

*Please note that the following stage events will not be photographed:

  • Interview 
  • Personal Introduction
  • Stage Spokesmodel
  • Actress

Photos from the below categories will not be delivered via Waldo and are not included as part of the Digital Photo Pass price. 

Each item listed below is sold separately and must be purchased at the pageant from the photographer. To access photos and videos from the below options, please contact the photographer(s) directly for more information.

  • Family Thanksgiving Photos
  • Posed Headshots / a la carte photo shoots
  • Photo Buttons
  • Videos