What are the differences between the types of galleries I am able to create?

Waldo provides three different ways to create a gallery, depending on how you prefer your photos to be delivered.


Photo Finder gallery - Choose this option if you would like to purchase photo credits in order to deliver matched photos to your students and parents at no cost to them. Waldo offers the option of a monthly/annual Photo Finder subscription, or you can simply select to pay per photo uploaded. Pricing options are available within your Photo Manager under the "Manage Subscription" tab.  

Waldo Subscribed gallery - Choose this option if you are interested in offering a free web gallery where your students and families can visit and scroll through all photos from the year at no cost. The student or parent has the option to opt into a personal Waldo Plus or Waldo Premium subscription, in order for Waldo to find and deliver photos that are found of the student.

Sell Your Photos- Choose this option if you are interested in delivering proofs via Waldo's Faceblocker technology for your students and families to preview and purchase. This option is most often used for school / sport picture days or any events that the school would like to fundraise for. Your school keeps 90% of the profits! During the gallery creation, you'll be able to customize various print & download packages to your liking.