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Send your camper a custom Waldogram!

Learn how to send your camper a Waldogram while they are away at camp.

You can now send your camper a Waldogram with a few taps in the Waldo app. You simply pick the photos and write a personal message and we’ll handle the rest!

There are a few ways to send a Waldogram. First, open your Waldo app and you'll see the postcard icon on the camp gallery OR in the bottom righthand corner on any photo you're viewing. Whichever way you choose, you will select to send a Waldogram to your camper. Follow the step-by-step instructions to choose your photos, write your message, add your camper's info or mailing address and a fun emoji! Once completed, click send and you will be directed to the shopping cart. Add your payment method and check out! Waldo covers the cost of postage!

Depending on the length of your camper's session and your camp's specific account settings, there will be a cut-off period for creating and delivering Waldograms. If that time has expired, you'll no longer see the option to 'Send to your camper', instead your only option will be to 'Send postcard to someone else'. This option allows you to send a postcard to anyone, anywhere! You'll follow the same steps as above but will have to put in the desired address. Please note, you cannot put in the camp's address for this option because we cannot guarantee it will arrive before the end of the session. The cut-off time for sending a Waldogram is 7 days prior to the end of each session.