How to correctly set up folders and albums in order to use Waldo's Numbered Jersey Recognition

If you have created a gallery and selected "yes" to photographing sports with numbered jerseys, then Waldo will be able to deliver photos using Numbered Jersey Recognition! In order for Waldo to accurately deliver the right action sport photos to the right athletes, the folder structure must be set up in a certain format. 
Please be sure to create your gallery, subfolders and albums using the example structure below:

                                           School/League/Team = Gallery Name 
               Boys = Subfolder (only if applicable)               Girls = Subfolder (only if applicable)

                            Football = Subfolder                                            Softball= Subfolder                     
              JV = Subfolder  | Varsity = Subfolder                V = Subfolder   |  Varsity = Subfolder
            Game 1 = album       Game 1 = album               Game 1 = album       Game 1 = album

* We recommend using the above subfolder names for your structure. (Example: Football>Varsity). Game albums can be named to your liking. (Example:  Greyhounds vs Tigers- Sep. 12th)