How do I join the I AM / IJM / NAM Nationals 2023 Gallery?

How do I join the IAM / IJM / NAM Nationals 2023 Gallery?

You can join the gallery by following one of the methods below:

  • Text the join code powerhouse23 to 735-343 (users with international phone numbers should text it to (512) 308-3535)
  • Search for the join code powerhouse23 on our app or website.
  • Click this link and follow the prompts.

Once you join the event you'll select a competition age level and provide a selfie. After you authenticate your phone number via entering a one time 4 digit pin code (or via email if you have an international number) you'll be set to receive matches as photos are uploaded.

Customers with a US number will receive receive notifications automatically via text notifications or push notifications. Customers with international numbers will receive push notifications if they have our app installed and they can check their app or login via our website to see matches.

If you don't receive a notification for matches see this article for more information.