How do I add my student's sports filters?

How to assign your student's sports during sign up.

During the sign up process, you'll be able to add your student's sports tags as a filter. You'll be prompted to add filters per student once you've joined the school gallery. These sports tags will help Waldo look for your student's jersey number in any corresponding game albums. 

You'll follow the same steps for signing up for Waldo: add your student's name, upload their selfie and click Find My Photos! to join them to the school's gallery. Once these steps are completed you'll be asked to add your sports filters. Available filters have been set up by your school, they will appear as options under each student's name. Once you choose your sport filter(s), select from the drop down and add your level (Varsity, JV, etc) and jersey number. Then click the blue continue button to complete. Please note that Waldo needs all fields filled out for jersey recognition to run for your student.

If you need to edit or add sports filters, please email our support team at