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How do I access my WaldoWed gallery QR code?

How to access Waldo's custom QR code for wedding galleries.

The QR code is generated for use after you have created your wedding gallery.
On desktop: To login to your account and access the QR code/marketing materials, please visit waldophotos.com, click Login in the top right and use your phone number to login. Visit the "Signage" tab on the right rail. 
In the Mobile App: Download the Waldo Photos app, tap on your gallery and tap the Share button at the bottom - this will provide you with shareable links as well as QR code signage you can save or share with others.

TIP: Display your QR code in convenient places for your guests. Try our "Venue Signage" QR code printable on an easel or in a frame near the entrance. Try our "Table tent" to display on guest reception tables.